Ellen Brickley is a writer and cultural heritage manager living in Dublin, Ireland.

Her writing has appeared in Banshee, Sonder, the Irish Times, Women on Writing, Local Wonders (Dedalus Press) and Children’s Books Ireland. She has also contributed to OffBeat Bride, OffBeat Home, WeSaidGoTravel, U magazine and the Dublin Explorer: The Complete Resident’s Guide. She has read and performed her work at the Dublin Book Festival, the Cúirt Literary Festival, and for Culture Night at the Irish Writers’ Centre and the Winding Stair.

Ellen is a two-time recipient of a Literature Bursary Award from the Arts Council of Ireland to support her work as an essayist. She holds a BA in English and an MA in American Literature, both from UCD, and will shortly be conferred with an M.Phil in Public History and Cultural Heritage from Trinity College.

Four of her essays are available in full to read online: Gift Shop, from Banshee #2 (CW: Killing Fields, genocide), Imploding, from Banshee #3. (CW: death, hospitals), The Girl on the Pill from Banshee #5, and Do Not Attempt the Following Personal Essays (WOW – Women on Writing)


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