Ellen Brickley is a writer, essayist, reviewer and cultural heritage manager living in Dublin, Ireland. She writes and reads an unseemly number of YA novels for a woman her age.

Her writing has appeared in Banshee, Sonder, the Irish Times, Women on Writing and Children’s Books Ireland. She has also contributed to OffBeat Bride, OffBeat Home, WeSaidGoTravel, U magazine and the Dublin Explorer: The Complete Resident’s Guide.

Ellen is grateful to the Arts Council of Ireland for the award of a Literature Bursary, which allowed her to spend a summer working on a personal essay collection.

Four of her essays are available in full to read online: Gift Shop, from Banshee #2 (CW: Killing Fields, genocide), Imploding, from Banshee #3. (CW: death, hospitals), The Girl on the Pill from Banshee #5, and Do Not Attempt the Following Personal Essays (WOW – Women on Writing).

Ellen is currently seeking representation both for her essay collections and for a contemporary YA novel.

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